Turnaround 2020 – Share Your Story

Since people win people any pastor who intends to lead a turnaround will of necessity have to teach people how to share their faith.  In these days of reality TV the power of story cannot be overstated.  How can believers learn to tell their stories?  Here’s an outline that has been around for a while but one that still works.  Where and when can you teach this strategy?

Four Parts of Your Testimony

Part 1. What my life was like before I met Christ.

  • What common circumstances would an unbeliever identify with?
  • What were your attitudes that an unbeliever would identify with?
  • What was most important to you?
  • What substitute for God did you use to find meaning in your life?  (success at school, sex, drugs/alcohol, having fun, entertainment, popularity, hobbies, etc.)

Part 2. How I realized I needed Christ.

  • What significant steps led to your decision for Christ?
  • What made you dissatisfied with the way you were living without God?
  • How did God get your attention? What motivated you?

Part 3. How I committed my life to Christ.

  • What specifically did you do?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What did you say in your prayer? Be specific.

Part 4. The difference it has made in my life.

  • What benefits have you experienced or felt?
  • What problems have been resolved?
  • How has Jesus helped you change for the better?
  • How has it helped your relationships?
  • Give a current example.

Telling Your Story Resource, The Difference Maker, by Nelson Searcy

This short book not only challenges readers to make a difference but also provides helpful guides for telling personal stories.  Specific illustrations of classic evangelism tools are also included such as The Bridge and The Roman Road.  Available through Amazon or by direct order from Church Leader Insights.


Worship is the primary product of the church.  Here’s a simple survey to help improve your product.


Worship Service Survey

This survey is being sent to several members of the congregation to gain helpful, positive feedback from today’s worship service.  Please be gentle but honest and specific and return your completed survey before you leave church today.  Thanks in advance for your help and for your positive service in the life and ministry of our church.

1. What do you appreciate most about today’s worship service? What were its strengths? Please list three or four items.

2. What are one or two aspects of today’s worship service that need improvement?  Where are we weak?  Please list one or two items.

3. Where should we focus as we seek to improve the worship experience?  Please list one or two items.

4. On a scale of           1—2—3—4—5—6—7—8—9—10


How would you rate the worship services…?

Now ________                       One year ago ________

For additional comments or feedback, use the back of this form.

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