National Missions Sunday – Church Planting in Jacksonville, Florida

Church Planting has always been a primary mission for General Baptists. Our movement was organized by a church planter who established churches on the American frontier in the 1820s.

Our denominational mission to plant churches is underwritten by the general budget through Unified Giving, but it is also made possible by special gifts such as those received on National Missions Sunday. This year the National Missions Sunday Offering will assist church planting efforts in Florida by helping to more firmly establish the new work of All Nations Church.

This ethnic church plant has resulted from the long-term ministry of Missionary Cecil Green who discipled a young believer in the Philippines nearly 50 years ago. In 1977 Pastor Pete Lapaz was ordained by the General Baptist Church of the Philippines and in 2016 he began work to establish All Nations Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

In a recent report Pastor Pete noted

  • the ordination of an associate pastor, Dr. Lito Ibaretta,
  • two more new converts ready for baptism,
  • two Bible study centers now in operation, and
  • two Spanish-speaking families now attending.

A Children’s Ministry will begin soon and the search is on for a larger meeting space. The group has outgrown meeting in homes. A recent attendance of 40 placed them at capacity in their current rented space.

On a recent Sunday in January, those attending worship paused for a photo. Pastor Pete is on the left holding his grandson. Pastor Lito is seated in the front center.

Different churches have different traditions about National Missions Sunday. Some churches include National Missions Sunday in the budget, others take up a special offering to aid these special projects. All gifts received for National Missions Sunday will result in winning many people in Jacksonville, Florida who otherwise will not be won to faith in Christ.

2 thoughts on “National Missions Sunday – Church Planting in Jacksonville, Florida

  1. I am so elated to read about the assistance that National Missions is giving All Nations Church in Jacksonville. I have been involved with Pastor Pete for about a year now and wonderful things are beginning to happen here. Kudos to Nat’l Missions. Good luck Pastor Pete. You know I’m praying for you.

  2. Thank you very much for the awesome news! It is a privilege to be used by God to build His church! He provides all the resources and we give the glory back to Him for what has been accomplished so far! Please continue to pray for the enemy is not happy about it.
    Pastor Lito

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